Our Team

Karel Hauptman


Commander of the Front Patrol since November 2003.

I came to our front patrol last and to the sadness of our entire girls 'section I try to transform the best girls' front patrol RR in the Czech Republic into a section with outdoor activities. I am the brain of all our extreme activities and I try to attract similarly "affected" people.

I deal with everything connected with staying in nature, rocks, water, caves. I like a little adrenaline in my ears. I used to ride racehorses, climb and flirt a bit with white water riding. Now I lead this leading Royal Rangers patrol, which is also an adrenaline sport. 

Otherwise, I'm a veterinarian with my clinic. 

Lucie Kozielová

 Meeting leader
Meeting leader

I came in contact with the 18th Front Patrol for the first time at summer camp at the age of 8, and Royal soon became a place for me to feel accepted and to grow spiritually. Thanks to Royal, I also met my wonderful husband. Today, I like part of RR not only because I owe it to an inexhaustible amount of experiences, friends, but also because I enjoy spending time with children.

I have been a leader on the front patrol since 2011.

I like outdoor activities, I like to play ringo and board games and I also solve interesting puzzles. At the same time, I enjoy painting and creating and I am an avid reader. I enjoy every time spent in nature, preferably with a great group of people.

I study Biology and Chemistry Teacher Training at Secondary School at the MU Faculty of Science. 

Petr Ohlídal

Leader of the Adventure Rangers
Leader of the Adventure Rangers

I go to Royal about 2/3 of my life. From the beginning as a child to the 1st Rear Guard of the RR in the Czech Republic Zábřeh (officially 26th FP Olomouc), which was later transformed into the 41st FP Zábřeh. In this patrol, I also became the leader and I began to get involved in organizing other events (Ringoturnaj, Walk through the Rose Garden, Ear of the Needle). In 2018, I definitely moved to Brno for the moment, and given the importance of the Royal for me, it was clear that I would be involved in it here as well. When I was thinking exactly where, the Eighteen (18th FP) was a clear choice given the wonderful people who are its members. So at the moment I am fully involved in Brno, but as an external leader I still work in Zábřeh and Olomouc, which is also related to my role as deputy commander of the Royal Rangers of the Olomouc region.

I like to talk about everything, so at Royal I do everything and nothing at the same time. I like to play any games and sports and I also like to organize them. But the most important reason I serve at Royal is that I want to give others the opportunity to know God as Royal gave her to me.

David Koziel

Leader of the Adventure Rangers
Leader of the Adventure Rangers

I first met the Royal Rangers when I was five, when I visited their summer camp. At that time it was with the 8th FP Zlín. From the age of eight, I started attending regular meetings of the newly established 40th FP in Hustopeče, where I became one of the leaders in 2014. At present, however, I work in the 18th FP Brno.

I became a leader because I wanted to convey to other children what Royal had given me in the past - important values, lots of experiences, friends and a friendly environment in which I felt good, I could learn a lot of interesting things, ride on all sorts of actions and just fooling around with others.

I like to play soccer and ringo, I also play the violin and guitar. My other hobbies include science and technology.

I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at VUT (Technical University).

Jakub Pernica

Leader of the Adventure Rangers,  Technical things
Leader of the Adventure Rangers, Technical things

I have been going to Royal since I was a child. I grew up in a Christian family, but I did not experience the first real encounter with God until the event, which is organized every year by the Royal Rangers (Ringoturnaj). Only here did I feel God's true love and fully surrender to him.

I'm studying Information Technology in high school. I like sports, specifically I like to play floorball, ringo, basketball and volleyball.

In the Royal, I take care of the web and promotion (social networks), but at the same time I'am in the AR team, which leads the oldest category.

Rút Červeňová

Junior leader of the Discovery Rangers
Junior leader of the Discovery Rangers

I've been going to the Royal for some time now, even though I didn't experience Ranger Kids as the only category and I joined Discovery Ranger. I am currently a junior leader for the third year and I really enjoy it.

I feel really great in the royal because I'm with people I understand and have the same intention, which is to bring children to God and create unforgettable experiences for them. I really enjoy that one can try so many things in the royal and go to events that one would not try or experience elsewhere.

I would also like to say to myself that I am in second year in grammar school, I enjoy team or outdoor sports, I would also like to travel one day and I would like to try new things, which is ideal in the royal. ;)

Anna Šubová

Junior leader of the Discovery Rangers
Junior leader of the Discovery Rangers

I started going to the Royal at the age of six and I knew right away that it wouldn't just get rid of me there. I started going to all the events and Royal became a substantial part of my life. Such another family. You don't only meet them there with good people, but also with God, and that is what we at Royal strive for more.

I graduated from NVT and now we are starting to get involved in Royal's management even more, for example in praise.

Kristýna Chlubnová

Junior leader of the Ranger Kids
Junior leader of the Ranger Kids

I started going to Royal when I was older and as a participant I was only in our front patrol for a few years. Now I am a junior leader for the first year and so far I really enjoy it here. I really like Royal, because I can be myself here and I have friends with whom we can go to various events and get really good at each other. At the same time, however, I know that I will not be drawn to evil things, and that we can go to God together. I really like nature and trips, especially in the mountains. I enjoy making, cooking and I also play the piano. I'll be 18 now and I'm in grammar school. I have three younger siblings who also go to Royal.

Matouš Hauptman

Junior leader of the Ranger Kids
Junior leader of the Ranger Kids

I have been going to Royal since I was a child. I am the son of the chief of the patrol and thanks to that I have a chance to better orientate myself in the following operation. I like going to the Royal because I can always meet God and great people here.

I study at the grammar school in Tišnov. I like sports (ringo, team sports, sometimes adrenaline sports).

Petra Svobodová

Leader in RR, sound engineer, praiser / singer, chemist, comedian, draftsman, occasional pianist, lover of good food, meat, birds and good coffee.

I got into RR thanks to one afternoon broadcast of Radio 7, when I was about 10 years old. That's when my participation in camps and meetings began, and then my collaboration as a leader at the Royal Rangers in Brno. I led the Adventure Rangers age group for a long time. In some places, the service grew beyond the scope of the patrol, whether it was cooperation with other patrols, organizations or another country, such as Serbia.

Thanks to RR, I experienced how people who really live for God work, met friends across the country, learned how to roast the perfect marshmallow, cook food from things that would never occur to anyone, be waterproof, play the best team sport in the world - ringo, pack in one backpack a week. RR taught me that I can share one meal with up to 30 people.

Jana Horáková

I experienced the complete beginnings of the 18th RR Front Patrol, when we were a purely girls' front patrol. These were beautiful times until we were disturbed by the boys and especially Karel Hauptman with his outdoor activities.

However, this disruption occurred at a time when I was already the leader myself, so it didn't bother me so much, and in addition, I enjoyed outdoor activities and still enjoy them.

I enjoy the already mentioned outdoor activities, as well as sports, flamenco, music and reading books.

Kristýna Richtrová

I have been going to Royal since I was five years old. As a child, I was thrilled with meetings and trips. I have completed NVT juniors.

My hobbies include hiking, handicrafts (especially origami), ringo, transport and sleep. According to some, I am said to be too practical. And sober in speech.

I am happily married and I am currently studying social activities at a higher vocational school.

Jan Richtr

Logistical support of our events
Logistical support of our events

As an eight-year-old boy, I really enjoyed going to all Royal events. So when I was deciding where to serve, serving the children at Royal was a clear choice for me. Sure, sometimes it's hard work, but I believe that if you stand honestly in the service, God will appreciate it.

My hobbies include hiking, I like to play the ringo, but what is most known is my deep interest in transport and transportation systems (especially rail and public transport), which (as some say) radiates directly from me. That is why in the front patrol I mainly take care of the logistical support of our events.

I graduated from an eight-year grammar school in Brno and the University of Transport in Pardubice. Now I work as a specialist in transport (I deal with planning and operational management of traffic) in the Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region. I am happily married to my wife Kristýna, whom I also met at the Royal.

Jožka Kovář

I have been at the Royal since 2003, when I joined my sister 24th Front Patrol Brno. In it, I served gradually in all positions, from the commander of the tribe to the commander of the entire front patrol. After my marriage and moving from Brno, I relinquished command, but I remained loyal to Royal and since 2016 I have been a member of the 18th Front Patrol. With Karel, Katka and other leaders of the Eighteen (18th FP), I had the honor to serve together at regional and national events, especially at the ten NVTs.

My hobbies include archeology, travel, reading, photography, music, cultural and social events, fine arts, weapons and military technology, writing articles and, since the birth of our first child, also the automobile. Well, it is necessary to mention work with children. As a former scout, I can appreciate a good leader and I also try to be like that. Thank God I can rely on Him and not just myself.

After high school, I graduated with a master's degree in archeology and a bachelor's degree in museology from Masaryk University in Brno. I am currently working as a deputy head of the Rolling Stock Repair Shop in Brno. I also met my wife Lenka in Royal, she led the 40th Front Guard in Hustopeče for seven years.

Lenka Kovářová


I first came into contact with Royal at the age of five, when I went to summer camp with the 2nd FP Břeclav. The year was 1994 and Royal was just beginning in the Czech Republic. Royal camps have become a regular part of my summer vacation. Much later, I also rode with the 26th FP Olomouc and the 8th FP Zlín. First as a participant, then as a camp leader. In 2006 I graduated from NVT in Jiřín and immediately took command of the 40th FP Hustopeče. After my marriage and change of residence in 2013, I had to give up my section, but I remained loyal to Royal, first as a member of the 24th FP Brno, now as a member of the Eighteen (18th FP).

I am a doctor by profession, which predestines my service in Royal, especially in the field of healthcare. However, I am now on parental leave, so the possibilities of my service to children other than my own are unfortunately limited.